Hello and welcome to the Lois and David Lerner Family Foundation. Here you can learn more about the Foundation and it’s activities, charitable contributions and goals. Our focus is contributing to Fine Arts, Medical Research and Education. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to learn more about the Foundation.

Fine Arts

The Lois and David Lerner Family Foundation strongly believes that art is the soul of our culture and any effort to support art and artists in this world will repay the culture in great dividends. This includes art appreciation and education. Among the many recipients of our support are The Long Island Philharmonic and The Nassau County Museum of Art.

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The Lois and David Lerner Family Foundation stands behind the care and welfare of our fellow citizens. In keeping with that stance, our support of the American Cancer Society and The Boca Raton Community Hospital (among many others) has helped to further research and care for a diverse sector of the healthcare and medical fields.

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The Lois and David Lerner Family Foundation knows a strong and well rounded education creates a formative effect on any individual and gives them the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed in life. University of Pennsylvania and The Trey Whitfield School are among the many recipients of our support.

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About The Lois and David Lerner Family Foundation

The Lois and David Lerner Family Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to the uplifting of our society through charitable donations to groups in the fields of Fine Art, Medical Research and Education.

More about The Lois and David Lerner Family Foundation

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